Live2D Pricing

I am not a professional rigger as I mostly concentrate on the art.
Please read the TOS at the bottom of this page.

Halfbody 400€ + 600€ +
Fullbody 500€ + 800€ +

Included are
Head XYZ
Body XYZ
Full Physics
3 Expressions

Prices vary with complexity.

What contributes to complexity?
Patterns on clothing or markings on the skin, multiple accessories/moving objects such as earrings, necklaces, animal features like tails/ears/wings/horns, multiple layers like jackets/hoodies/shoulder plates, and others elements!

Additional Features
Expression – 15€+
Extra Hairstyles – 20-40% of Base price
Extra Outfits – 30-50% of Base price
Extra Arm poses – 40€+
VBridger – 60€

Feel free to discuss additional features with me :)!


PNG Tuber Pricing

Simple: 100€ 
Static image with 4 States
– mouth open and closed

– eyes open and closed


No examples yet x3x

Detailed: 180€
Image that changes pose
– normale pose
– talking pose

TOS Terms of Service

Payment is upfront, before i start working on your commission.
Payment plans are available. We can discuss this further once I agree to work on your commission.

A charactersheet is prefered, but if you don’t yet have one, feel free to commission me for a charactersheet first.

I draw the models in my style and will not imitate another artists style.

Regular updates will be send to you, to ensure you’re happy with the progress and I didn’t forget or made any mistakes.

Clients will receive live2D project files for runtime only. I will not give out the rigged model files.

Rigging ist still very basic, as I do not have a lot of experience yet. Please refer to the examples, to see the current rigging state i can provide.
I do recommend to find a rigger you’re happy with.

If you have a rigger, please let me know so I can contact them about cutting preferences if you order Art with me.

Please do not claim the Art as yours or use for the production of merch.
This is only for streaming and video recording purpose.

I take the freedom to decline any commission, if it does not meet the areas I am comfortable with.